What is décor art.

Well, in simple terms décor art is art for the home.


The term décor, of course, is derived from the French word "décoration," which translates to "decoration." It's easy to see how décor art became a thing.



When you think of home décor, what kinds of things come to mind? Are they paintings and sculptures, or are they things like lamps and vases?

Do you love to look at paintings, sculptures, and other artistic works for hours on end? How about the feeling you get when you're in front of a beautiful piece of art?


By adding décor art to your home or office you can add a sense of comfort and personality to the space that you inhabit. Décor art can be used as an outlet for creative expression and it can give you a way to enhance the aesthetics of your home or office. It is important to understand what kind of artwork you want and how to use it effectively before making any purchases.




For example, have you ever been somewhere and noticed a very plain vase or other object and thought to yourself, "Oh, that's nice," but then you forgot about it? Well if there was a sculpture in its place, you may be more inclined to notice it every time you walk in and in turn may change your mood or the ambiance of the space.


Art plays a big role in the way you feel about your space. The right art can make you feel at home and can influence the energy of the space that it resides and if correctly placed can change the look of the space making it reflect the personality of the home and owner.


Valentino Gikovski