The top 9 benefits of having handcrafted home décor art in the home.

Having spent almost 2 years umming and ahhing whether or not to go into business producing art décor and having made art décor for our own home, we decided to bite the bullet and start our business in the later part of 2021 but first, we needed to put things into perspective and ask ourselves what would be the benefit of having handcrafted décor art in the home?
We questioned ourselves on what makes a piece of art what it is? How would the art make the homeowner feel? How would it enrich the space? And ultimately why would they spend the money to have a particular item?

So we put together the top 9 benefits of having home décor art in your home.


1. Uniqueness

The biggest benefit of adding unique home décor art to your home is that it is handcrafted and not mass produced which gives your home a soul and makes it more personal adding instant character and charm to your house.

You would be surprised how many of us have the same interior design, most of us shop at the same stores buying almost identical things. You might think your home looks unique but in reality, it is far from it.

When you buy unique home décor art you are instantly turning your house into a space that no one has. 

2. Conversation starter

Nothing says "hey come sit down and chat" like a beautiful piece of handcrafted art on display. It can spark conversation about favourite artists, who made it, where it was purchased, etc. Having artwork in the home can also help kids learn about different art and the skills required to accomplish something unique.

Handmade home decor art is one of a kind and there’s something special about owning an item that no one else has. It becomes more personal as it tells your story of where it came from and why you purchased it.

3. Artist and artisan support

Creating handmade products isn’t easy. It takes artistry, craftsmanship and patience. But for the artist or artisan, seeing their creation go to a loving home is well worth the effort. 

Artists also require support to keep their projects alive. When you buy handcrafted home décor art, you're supporting the local economy and also supporting someone that has dedicated their time to perfecting their craft, which means you're getting quality when you buy their art.

4. Creating mood and nostalgia

Often the reason why we buy something is for particular use or practicality but when it comes to home décor art, there are pieces that can transition us to a mood or a time or place that we have been before, that is what home décor art can do to people. 

If it's something that reminds us of a certain place or triggers the feeling that we had at a particular time in our lives, that can be a very powerful thing. Different pieces can also set the mood of a particular space depending on the design, where it is placed and the materials it is made from.

5. Gifting

Handmade items are often more personal and thoughtful than anything you could buy that is mass-produced. Anyone can buy an ornament and give it to someone, but you could almost always guarantee that a unique gift like a piece of art for the home will mean so much more and be much more appreciated to the person who receives it. It will also show that you have gone to a great effort to find something that can possibly suit their character and home. 


6. Quality and Handmade

Buying handmade art will guarantee you uniqueness but will also give you quality if the artist has what it takes. Often the passion and the skill set of the artist will convey the quality in their art and on most occasions, anyone would immediately see the difference in the nuances, construct, idea, materials, and methods used.

Artist at work

7. Appreciation of the skills

If you ever have the opportunity to attain quality home décor art, you will definitely see the soul of the artist in the piece. To really appreciate the work of the artist or any artisan work, you need to put yourself in the shoes of the artist and see the attention to detail and the skills required to create the piece whether it is working with wood, concrete, paint, or any other medium.

8. Being visual but also practical

Art can come in many different forms in the world of home décor it can be visually stimulating as well as practical. For example, you can have a table that can be the centerpiece of a particular space looking stunning but it is practical as it's also a table to be used at mealtime. Being up close to the detail and being able to feel and touch the art brings it to another level.  


9. Bragging rights! 

Home décor art is all about having something unique, things that are important to you and reflect your personality and style that makes your home interior pop! But let's face it we all like to show off what we have in our home every now and then and yes it could be stimulating! 

Having something that no one else has can set you aside from everyone else and you could often be the envy of people who come to visit your home that hosts some beautiful and captivating home décor art.


Finally, in addition to the benefits above, handcrafted home décor can give you a direct connection to the artist through their art. You can feel that connection when you speak with the artist that has created the piece of artwork you have purchased or commissioned. 

Most importantly you will have a connection with the art itself and this can be much more satisfying when it is unique to you and your home reflects your character, style, and a certain "je ne sais quoi" and isn’t that what we are searching for when we buy art?


Valentino Gikovski - Uniqism Designs